Jesus: The Alpha and Omega of Bible Study


“Being asked to endorse this book was truly a gift of God’s grace in my life; otherwise, I might never have read it. I love God’s Word – it is my life, my daily bread. And still, there were times when Thomas Baber’s profound insights brought tears of awe and overflowing gratitude for ‘so great a salvation’ as laid out from Genesis to Revelation. Through Thomas’ invitation to endorse Jesus: The Alpha and Omega of Bible Study I see how God was preparing me to consider some of His precepts more deeply. I highly recommend you consider reading it. May it touch your heart, enlighten your mind and enrich your soul as it has mine.” KAY ARTHUR, Author, Bible Teacher, Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador of Precept Ministry

“The most important thing a Bible expositor does obviously is interpret Scripture. The greatest model for interpretation is our Lord Himself in the way He handled the Old Testament. This book will give you insight into the hermeneutics of Jesus, which becomes a pattern for us to follow.” JOHN MACARTHUR, Pastor-Teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California

“Take a pastor’s heart, add a mind alert to the Spirit’s teaching ministry, and bring both to the Bible – that’s a formula for the proper reading of Scripture. In his book on interpreting the Bible, Thomas Baber exemplifies this kind of reading. God gave His people His written Word so that we might glorify Jesus Christ through all we do in obedience to that Word. Whether the reader is a new believer or a mature believer, each still needs reminding of how best to interpret the Bible and to live it out. Baber provides the reminder and guides readers into a richer and more godly reading of the Bible.” WILLIAM BARRICK, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California

“With pastoral insight and a gift for teaching, Thomas Baber develops a fresh approach to hermeneutics with meaningful principles, interesting illustrations, and a treatment of scripture that is accurate and consistent. Baber’s touchstone – the priority and person of Jesus Christ – makes this approach not only mentally rewarding but spiritually enriching. Books on hermeneutics aren’t typically page turners . . . this one is.” STEPHEN DAVEY, Senior Pastor of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina, and President of Shepherds Theological Seminary

Thomas J. Baber (MDiv. The Master’s Seminary; DMin. Southern Baptist Seminary) is Senior Pastor of Emmanuel  Baptist Church in Bryan, Texas. 



Where do we go to learn how to read the Bible? My answer is simple: Jesus. We have a record of the way Jesus approached, viewed, interpreted, and applied Scripture to His own life and to those around Him. As a matter of first priority, everyone who professes to follow Christ should read the scriptures the way He did.There is something disarming about looking at the way Jesus approached Scripture. Regardless of theological distinctives, true Christians have two things in common. First, they want to be more like Christ. Second, they want to understand the Bible better. These two commitments are enough for those wishing to improve their understanding of Scripture.This book focuses on the way Jesus interpreted Scripture and was revealed through Scripture … The ultimate goal of this book is for my readers to know the Christ of Scripture more intimately by using sound principles of biblical interpretation that come from Jesus Himself. (From the Introduction)

Thomas J. Baber (MDiv. The Master’s Seminary; DMin. Southern Baptist Seminary) is Senior Pastor of Emmanuel  Baptist Church in Bryan, Texas. 


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