Kress Biblical Resources

“The biblical mandate is: Keep on reading what will open the Holy Scriptures to you more and more.” – Pastor John Piper

Kress Biblical Resources is setting a new standard in timely, clear, and doctrinally sound books and resources for pastors and Bible students. Our authors are approved workmen, not celebrities. Our books are designed to stand the test of exegesis, not chase after every new wind of doctrine.

Kress began in 2002 to provide solid, biblical resources for those who have set their hearts to study God’s Word, to practice it, and to teach it. Seeing a growing trend in unsound and insubstantial materials, even in books meant for pastoral preparation, Eric Kress, a former pastor himself and a Master’s Seminary graduate, set out to reprint previously published books that would be of help to the expositor and Bible student, and to develop new resources that rightly divide the Word of truth.

Currently Kress Biblical Resources offers over fifty books, covering a wide range of biblical topics and Scriptures. Lord willing, we will continue to release new and effective resources.

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