Shattered Shepherds


Shattered Shepherds offers biblical advice concerning ministry problems. It is especially helpful in dealing with the aftermath of a church leadership upheaval and ministry conflict.


Endorsement #1: Frustration, disappointment, and heartache are inevitable in pastoral ministry. Sheep are not always docile and cooperative, and there are plenty of wolves to contend with as well. Every church has people who seem to think criticism is a spiritual gift, and the pastor naturally gets the brunt of their complaints. Young men frequently leave the ministry in discouragement, and burnout is common among experienced pastors. Steve Swartz has experienced—and survived—church problems that would demoralize any pastor. He has written a compact but potent book that offers a wealth of straightforward biblical help and encouragement for fellow pastors struggling to get past ministry setbacks. This is a much-needed resource, and I’m glad to be able to recommend it. Dr. John MacArthur, President of The Master’s Seminary and Pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California

Endorsement #2: Shattered Shepherds aptly addresses the care of pastors and church leaders who have been badly hurt in the course of ministry. But rather than characterizing them just as victims, Steve lovingly encourages personal reflection and growth even while giving much-needed comfort to these wounded warriors. Steve’s goal is to get these men back into the pulpit with renewed strength and soft hearts for God’s people. Thoroughly biblical and immediately practical, this book will shepherd men and their wives back to the church of Jesus Christ. Alexander Strauch, author of Biblical Eldership, international conference speaker, elder for over 40 years at Littleton Bible Chapel near Denver, Colorado.

Endorsement #3: Many books instruct pastors in avoiding ministry problems; few deal with the aftermath of church disaster. Steve has touched this tender area of need for the church with Shattered Shepherds. Men of God who are nursing ministry-inflicted injury will find direction and hope to not only tend to bruises given by others but also honestly evaluate their own part in the disaster. In small easily-digested pieces, Steve feeds hope and honest shepherding to those decimated by ministry tragedy. Men who are still in the middle of a painful ministry will greatly benefit as well from the practical strategies for navigating those difficult waters. Most importantly, Shattered Shepherds is a call to godliness and holiness in the midst of ministry pain. Based in the solid rock of sound theology, men will be refreshed and bolstered so that they might serve Christ more humbly and more effectively. Dr. Gregory Harris, Professor of Bible Exposition at The Master’s Seminary and Pastor of Lake Hills Community Church in Castaic, California

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