A Biblical Critique of Infant Baptism


A Biblical Critique of Infant Baptism offer six reasons to reject infant baptism, each of which is explained in its own chapter. This book is an earnest attempt to strive toward like-mindedness among brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ by careful attention to the Word of God on this important subject

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Endorsement 1: “It is amazing to think that, without a biblical foundation, infant baptism is as widespread as it is. In this compelling, convincing work, Waymeyer upholds the model of biblical believer’s baptism. Though it’s unusual for a book to be written on what is not in the Bible, this one needed to be written.”––John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church

Endorsement 2: While finishing up my studies at Westminster Seminary, I wrote a little pamphlet critiquing infant baptism, and in the following years I had many Christian friends urge me to expand that material into a book. I’m happy to say that Pastor Matt Waymeyer has produced a treatment of the subject that far excels any that I could have written. Even after debating the issue for over ten years with my paedobaptist brethren, I found Waymeyer’s book to be a rich resource of new insights into the discussion…. Of particular note is his careful attention to the grammar, syntax, context, and original languages of the typical pericopae cited by paedobaptists…. I highly recommend this volume to any pastor, seminary student, or interested layman who is studying this subject.—Dr. Greg Welty Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Religion Assistant Dean, Division of Ethics and Philosophical Studies Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


Shortly after I was married thirteen years ago, I read my first article in defense of infant baptism. I had spent the previous year happily attending a Presbyterian church where I had grown in my appreciation for reformed theologians and the contribution they had made to my understanding of the doctrines of grace. It only seemed natural that the next step would be to embrace infant baptism, and now, with children hopefully on the way soon, the time to begin my study had arrived. As I began to read the article, I was secretly hoping to be convinced. Some of my closest friends at the time had made the leap—or at least were in the process—and they seemed hopeful that I too would complete my own personal reformation. In addition, it seemed easier to categorize myself as a Presbyterian than as the theological hybrid I found myself becoming. And besides, how could the church have been wrong on this one for so long? As I continued to read, however, I found myself less than convinced. I like to think of myself—as most believers do—as being committed to the Scriptures, and as I looked at the biblical arguments presented in the article, I just wasn’t seeing it. I went on to read everything I could get my hands on in favor of infant baptism. In fact, I read hundreds of pages in defense of paedobaptism before reading a single paragraph against it. I was trying to be open-minded, but as I said, I just wasn’t seeing it. And to put it simply, I still don’t. The purpose of this book is to set forth the reasons I have come to reject infant baptism. You might think of it as an opportunity to eaves- drop on my thoughts on the issue as I’ve wrestled with it over the past decade. I do not offer these arguments in a spirit of antagonism or con- tempt toward my paedobaptist brothers and sisters. To the contrary, even now as I write, I am reminded of how deeply indebted I am to several dear friends who differ with me on this issue—indebted for their love and commitment to me in very specific ways during times of great personal need. Furthermore, without intending to undermine the significance of the issue of baptism, I should mention that I consider my paedobaptist friends to be precious comrades in the battle for truth in areas of theology more critical than this one.

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