Meeting God Behind Enemy Lines:My Christian Testimony as a U.S. Navy SEAL


Meeting God Behind Enemy Lines details the intense training of a United States Navy SEAL, and the events that culminated in his coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Included are stories of sniper training, “Hell week”, covert operations and training, including Operation Michael Jordan and Desert Storm



Endorsement 1: “Steve Watkins, member of the elite covert commandos that worked behind enemy lines in the first Gulf War, tells his remarkable story in a such a way that the reader can’t put it down. But the inside story is even more compelling as Steve records how he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in the midst of his military service. It’s my privilege to know him and his devotion to Christ, and His faithfulness in ministry.”––John MacArthur Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church


I steered the boat as we made an attempt to break out through the vicious waves. A huge wave was building, and as we approached its base, the boat had reached full speed. The result was a disaster, for we hit the “plunger” head on. I saw everyone jump out and away from the heavy raft so as not to get pinned under the capsizing boat. However, I could not jump right or left as I attempted to steer the engine, which was still running at full throttle. The raft went up the oncoming wave, stood straight on its end, and then the bow came up, over, and back onto me as it flipped upside down. I was unable to escape from under the boat and ended up being pinned beneath the raft, which weighed about a thousand pounds. Making matters worse, a piece of my gear was evidently caught on the motor. I was quickly running out of air as I fought furiously to get loose from the boat. Using all my strength to try to free myself caused me to use even greater amounts of oxygen. After nearly two minutes of struggling underwater without a breath, I was nearing unconsciousness. The world seemed to stand still as I realized that death was overtaking me. The only thought that filled my mind was what the newspapers would say about my death. I feared that my life would be viewed as a tragic and needless loss. Now, there was no remaining energy with which to fight. What little sense of feeling remained in my limbs was stimulated when a hand grabbed my wrist. It was the hand of God sparing my life. God was using the hand of my platoon commander, Lt. Steve Simmet. Steve had noticed that I was not on the surface and began swimming under the capsized raft to try to find me. He was successful in untangling my hung body and managed to work me safely to the surface. Once the night air hit my face, I took deep inhalations of air, which burned my lungs as I coughed up salt water. My legs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds, and I couldn’t even move them since I was weak from lack of oxygen.

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