The Pastoral Epistles for Pastors (Paperback)


“This is an excellent conservative commentary … The appendices are a treasure that proves to be eminently helpful” –Simon J. Kistemaker

“I heartily welcome and endorse this encyclopedic study of Paul’s Pastoral Epistles … You can live in this book for the rest of your life and have a more fruitful and rewarding ministry!” — Warren W. Wiersbe

“This volume should be on every preacher’s bookshelf” — Richard Mayhue



Endorsement 1: This is an excellent conservative commentary that aids pastors and counselors who preach and teach the Scriptures to church members and others. It is designed to coach the reader into digging deeper by asking and answering pointed questions that apply to one’s spiritual life. The appendices are a treasure that proves to be eminently helpful.––Simon J. Kistemaker Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL

Endorsement 2: I heartily welcome and endorse this encyclopedic study of Paul’s pastoral epistles. For years we have had Eugene Stock’s Practical Truths from the Pastoral Epistles and W Edward Chadwick’s The Pastoral Teaching of St. Paul: His Ministerial Ideals, but this volume goes beyond them in exposition and application. The beginning pastor and the seasoned minister will both discover in these pages enlightenment, encouragement and a new sense of wonder and privilege of being a servant of God. You can live in this book for the rest of your life and have a more fruitful and rewarding ministry! Warren W. Wiersbe Former Pastor, Moody Church

Endorsement 3: Dr. Kitchen is an honest exegete and faithful expositor of both the Greek and English texts of the Word of God. His application sections are encouraging and challenging as well. Recommended for pastors and serious students of the Word.––Robert Gromacki Distinguished Professor of Bible and Greek, Cedarville University

Endorsement 4: The Pastoral Epistles for Pastors provides an even and thorough treatment of Paul’s pastoral epistles from a conservative viewpoint. The appendices deserve special note due to their extraordinary value to the expositor, especially Appendix C: Topical Index to Ministry Maxims; Appendix D: Exegetical and Expositional Outlines; and Appendix E: Annotated Bibliography. This volume should be on every preacher’s bookshelf.––Richard Mayhue Dean and Senior Vice President, The Master’s Seminary


1:17 Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen. The Apostle’s review of what he had been (vv.13, 15) and God’s merciful and gracious response (vv.12, 13b, 14, 16) produced a burst of praise from his heart that found expression through his pen. This doxology is beautifully expressive of Paul’s theology and worship (cf. other Pauline doxologies: Rom. 11:36; 16:27; Gal. 1:5; Phil. 4:20; Eph. 3:21; and briefer examples in 1 Tim. 6:16; 2 Tim. 4:18). The postpositive conjunction de. (“Now”) opens the way out of the previous discussion (vv.12-16) and launches Paul into praise. This worship is directed “to the King eternal.” The mention of “eternal life” in v.16 may have led Paul to begin his praise with this title for God. The definite article makes clear the solitariness and uniqueness of God. Paul will use the word “king” in the plural in just a few lines (2:2) in order to call for prayer for the kings of the earth, but at the close of the letter he will use the word again to emphasize that God is “the King of kings and Lord of lords” (6:15). He is here “the King eternal,” or more literally “the King of the ages.” The expression is comprised of a plural noun and its definite article. That it refers to eternity is clear in that Paul will again employ the word at the end of the verse to say “forever and ever” or, more literally, “the ages of the ages.” He declares God to be not merely sovereign in the present—the most powerful and controlling Being at the moment—but to be the only sovereign ruler of any and every moment of all eternity in either direction! God is in complete control—always. God is the King who deserves the absolute submission of every creature ever to be infused with being. The unfolding ages and all they contain are the work of His sovereign hand, representing the outworking of His sovereign will, and they are headed toward the full revelation of His sovereign glory.

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