God’s Plan for Israel:A Study of Romans 9-11


God’s Plan for Israel is a very readable, clear exposition of Romans 9-11, written with deep conviction and love for God’s chosen people, Israel. Steve Kreloff faithfully leads readers along the path Paul takes, explaining God’s plan through the ages for the salvation of the remnant of Jacob

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Endorsement 1: “Let me encourage you to read this exposition of Paul’s thought and see its relevance for the present––and its prediction of an exciting future for the Jewish people.”––Dr. Erwin Lutzer Moody Church, Chicago

Endorsement 2: “I always enjoy Steve Kreloff’s biblical expositions because of the clarity with which he distills the meaning of every text. Steve’s natural passion for Israel and the special relevance of Romans 9-11 to that subject gives this volume an energy level that is contagious. My copy of this book is now a dog-eared treasure, and I am thrilled to see it in a new edition. I can’t wait to get a fresh copy.”––Phil Johnson Executive Director, Grace to You

Endorsement 3: “This very readable, clear exposition of Romans 9-11 is highly recommended.”––Dr. Robert Gromacki Distinguished Professor of Bible and Greek at Cedarville University

Endorsement 4: “Steve Kreloff has written a remarkably insightful and helpful study of Israel’s future.”––Dr. Paul Enns Director and Professor of the Tampa Extension of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


God did not temporarily set Israel aside to abandon them, but rather to save them. Paul wrote, “Through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, for to provoke them to jealousy” (11:11). The conversion of Gentiles during the church age is designed to stir the Jewish people to jealousy so that they will desire what Gentile Christians have and consequently turn to the Lord. A day is coming in which the Hebrew nation will finally realize that Gentiles are enjoying the blessings of the salvation Israel rejected. This realization will provoke Israel to jealousy that will result in their embracing Jesus as Messiah (Romans 11:26).

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