Amillennialism and the Age to Come: A Premillennial Critique of the Two-Age Model


A passage-by-passage analysis of the biblical texts used in the debate between amillennialists and premillennialist.

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Endorsement #1: “Waymeyer has written an outstanding defense of premillennialism. His work is fair, charitable, thorough, and most importantly, based on careful scriptural exegesis. Clearly there are excellent arguments on both sides of this issue, and the debate will almost certainly last until the second coming. In any case, premillennialists will be encouraged by this vigorous and scholarly defense of their reading, and amillennialists will need to interact with this impressive defense of premillennialism.” Thomas Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Endorsement #2: “Waymeyer stays close to the text, argues biblically, and writes in an irenic way. He has shown great respect for the body of Christ where some have differed from the premillennial view he has taken, yet he has also courageously stated what needs to be said.” Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., President Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Endorsement #3: “Imagine a passage-by-passage look at the debate between amillennialism and those who hold to an intermediate kingdom/millennium. Here is a work that lays out the debate in detail and with a tone such a discussion deserves. This is a solid analysis of amillennialism.” Darrell L. Bock, Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

Endorsement #4: “This book offers the most thorough and penetrating analysis of amillennialism to date. I highly recommend it.” Michael J. Vlach, Professor of  Theology, The Master’s Seminary

Endorsement #5: “In a day when theological debates are driven by polemics and philosophy, it is a breath of fresh air to get down to the specific exegetical issues. And that’s exactly what Matt Waymeyer does in Amillennialism and the Age to Come.” George J. Zemek, Academic Dean, The Expositors Seminary

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