Discernment for the Ages: A Sermon on Wisdom in Turbulent Times


A 21st Century sermon on Proverbs 2:1-15 to find God’s wisdom in turbulent times.


Richard Caldwell, a graduate of Southwestern Seminary (M.Div.) and The Master’s Seminary (D.Min.), is Pastor-Teacher of Founders Baptist Church in Spring, Texas.

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How often the evangelical church of our time, has been willing to re-evaluate what she has long believed, because of the social consciousness, the moral outrage, of a world that has already demonstrated that it has no conscience, and has no respect for what is truly moral according to Scripture! The church is often found speaking the same language, using the same jargon, and spouting the same perspectives, as a world in darkness.

Stop and think about it: Are we to believe that a world lost in sin, immersed in spiritual darkness, alienated from the life of God, so demonstrably wrong on so many issues, is suddenly supposed to be our guide concerning:

How to live in this world?

How to view race?

How to view justice?

Does the church suddenly need to take its cue from this world?


Proverbs 2:1-15 is a timeless guide to discernment for all time.


To enjoy the fruits of discernment, we must first desire discernment—as a treasure far more valuable than anything the world has to offer. We must seek the Giver of discernment and meet the requirements of discernment. The life that flows from such discernment is truly blessed.

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