In the 80’s, Donald Burdick wrote an excellent detailed exegetical commentary on 1-3 John (here is the Amazon link). He also did the Everyman’s Commentary on 1-3 John, which is a very short survey of the books. If you can pick up a used copy of the detailed commentary, do so. It is worth the effort. Some have criticized Burdick for perhaps an old-school, somewhat stilted approach to Greek grammar (i.e., overstating the punctiliar aspect of the aorist)–but he still captures most of the grammatical details, as well as the flow of thought of the book exceptionally well. 


D. Edmond Hiebert is also great on the Epistles of John. The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary is out on 1-3 John and has been highly praised. 


You might also be interested in the Kress offering–Notes for the Study and Exposition of 1st John.