Actually, this one has just been released. But it is published through CreateSpace and may not get the recognition it deserves. Dr. Daniel Arnold (bio link) taught for over thirty years at Emmaüs Bible Institute in Switzerland. He has written a provocative commentary on the Book of Judges, called Judges: Mysterious Heroes of the Faith (Amazon link). 

Arnold takes a very positive view of the judges–including Samson. His interpretations are exegetically credible and well reasoned. It seems that most commentaries tend to follow each other in their view of the judges and the message of the book. Arnold takes a fresh look, which leads to some surprises for those familiar with the common interpretations of Judges. 

I have read significant portions of his commentaries in Kings dealing with Elijah and Elisha, as well as his commentary on Jonah. They are excellent and thought provoking. So I wrote and asked him when he would release Judges. It came out a couple of weeks ago. Though it is over 400 pages, it was a quick and captivating read. I heartily recommend it–not because I necessarily agree with every interpretation, but because it helps the expositor wrestle with the text and the global flow-of-thought.

One note for those prone to stumble over editorial minutia. It seems likely, as I read it, that the book has been translated from French into English. It does have some slightly odd phrasing for the American reader (“anointment” instead of “anointing” is one example).  Some things may have been slightly altered in translation (“minor prophets” s/b “former prophets”–this happened only once that I saw). And it could use some editing and layout fixes–but the content is stellar and it is quite readable. 

Along with Dale Ralph Davis, Daniel Block, and Leon Wood–add Daniel Arnold’s treatment of Judges before you preach or teach through the book.