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Free Justification: The Glorification of Christ in the Justification of a Sinner

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Free Justification presents the biblical teaching of justification by faith alone, based upon the blood and obedience of Christ alone, imputed to the sinner by faith alone. In clear, rich language Steve Fernandez articulates the view that the Evangelical and Reformed church has held to since its recovery in the Reformation

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Steve Fernandez
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Steve Fernandez is the Senior Pastor of Community Bible Church and the President of The Cornerstone Seminary, in Vallejo, California
Endorsement 1:
Again the gospel is under attack, and again the Church needs a clear, straight-forward explanation of the New Testament's doctrine of justification by faith alone. Steve Fernandez’s book is just what we need. Here is a book everyone can read in a short time and in plain language. And it’s an interesting, enjoyable read. Order this book for all your elders, deacons, and teachers. They will thank you!—Alexander Strauch, Author of Biblical Eldership
Endorsement 2:
Every authentic believer in Christ is fully justified—with a righteous standing before God that nothing can threaten and God Himself will never revoke (Romans 5:1; 8:1). Unfortunately, evangelical confidence in that reality has begun to erode over the past decade or so. A handful of increasingly popular academic and ecumenical trends have raised serious questions about the historic Protestant consensus on justification by faith and the principle of sola fide. The assault on justification has come not just on one front, but from several directions at once. Steve Fernandez answers the central issue in these debates with solid, clear, biblical answers. This is a welcome and much-needed resource.—John MacArthur, President, The Master’s College and Seminary
Endorsement 3:
I read this book for two reasons: First I wanted my own heart blessed by an exposition of that most blessed doctrine of justification by faith alone. Second, I wanted to be informed about the attacks being made against the doctrine from evangelicals. I found this book to exceed my expectations! Here is a book that every Christian who cares about the Gospel should read!—Erwin W. Lutzer, Senior Pastor, The Moody Church
Endorsement 4:
Martin Luther called the doctrine of justification by faith alone the “article of a standing or falling church.” With Luther-like passion and boldness, Steve Fernandez invites the contemporary church to prize afresh this “Christ-exalting, man-abasing” doctrine. Combining biblical exegesis, historical awareness, and pastoral concern, Fernandez’s contribution will be welcomed by individuals who desire to grow in their understanding of this vital doctrine.—Guy Waters, Associate Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, and author of Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul
Endorsement 5:
This is an excellent exposition and defense of justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Fernandez biblically and theologically distinguishes between justification and sanctification. Highly recommended for serious Bible students.—Robert Gromacki, Distinguished Professor of Bible and Greek, Cedarville University
Recently, I had the privilege of preaching at a Pastors’ Conference in Honduras. Their response to free justification illustrates what I am trying to say. I decided to address these men on justification in the final session of the conference. With only one hour, and working through a translator, I knew I had to be very clear and concise. I wanted them to see the glory of Christ in the justification of sinners—like themselves. I knew that if they grasped this, God could use it to inflame their preaching and be a blessing in their churches, and perhaps, the church of Honduras. I began by explaining, from Romans 3:9-11, 19, that we all sin, that we have no righteousness of our own, not even as believers. Our motives, our gratitude, and our love for God is never as it ought to be. We never love God with our whole heart, mind, and soul as we should. I further explained from Romans 1:21, 23; 3:23, that our sin involves a wicked refusal to honor and glorify God as He rightly deserves. We continually trample His name under our feet. Then, I explained that to be justified, two things must be true. I told them that if God were to justify us without these two things, He would, in fact, only be another corrupt, unjust judge. This seemed to come close to home to these men. First, to be justified, we must have no guilt before God. The guilt of our sins must be wholly removed. Christ did this when He became a propitiation for our sins (which I explained as a satisfaction or a payment in full that satisfied God’s just anger against us). I illustrated it by com- paring it to someone who went to a person to whom you owed a great debt which had greatly offended that person, and on your behalf (because you had no means to), paid your debt in full. I also explained that to be justified, more was required than just the removal of guilt. We must also ourselves honor and glorify God, by loving Him with our whole heart and worshiping Him with a glad-hearted obedience. Christ did this for us, as well. I explained from Romans 5:18, 19, that Christ, by His one act of righteousness in His death upon the cross, which is called His obedience in verse 19, honored and glorified the Father (I referred to John 12:27, 28). In other words, Christ, on our behalf, offered a glad, willing obedience that showed that the Father was infinitely worthy to be supremely glorified. Therefore, as a result of Christ’s death, our guilt is gone and the honoring and glorifying of God that is required has been gladly offered for us, all by Christ’s propitiatory death in our place. Then, finally, I explained that, by a repentant, Christ-embracing faith, God unites us to Christ. By this union, all Christ has done is regarded as if we had done it. So, His righteousness and obedience is imputed to us, and we are at once, at that very moment, forever justified. And, in it all, God remains entirely just when He justifies the one who has faith in Jesus (Romans 3:26). At that point, something happened while I was preaching that I had never seen before. The entire group of Honduran men, without any cue, spontaneously rose up and with much gladness and an unrestrained joy, began to clap and praise the Lord Jesus Christ. There was a simultaneous, joyous response of worship. They had seen that the guilt of all their sin was truly gone, and that the honor God deserves had been given to God for them, all done by another, the Savior Himself. I saw the soul-liberating, worship-producing, and joy-giving reality of justification by faith before my eyes. In their response, I saw it all: Glad-hearted adoration and worship from a grateful heart, a renewed zeal to serve, an assurance that their soul was saved forever, and a glorifying of God as a result of a fuller understanding of His justifying grace, mercy, and love. It confirmed to me once again that free justification is at the center of everything

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